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Pure You is a blend of natural wellbeing combining yoga, energy healing, high quality nutrition, and self study.

We understand that every body is different.

My main focus is to work with people as individuals. Every body is different, and every brain adopts knowledge in different ways depending on your physical history and upbringing, education level and traumas that have affected you.

Together we'll tailor a program for you that's a easy and fun to adopt, and brings your desired results.

lifestyle change with Pure Your Wellness Maija

Let's make your lifestyle change your new reality.

Nutrition has been my passion for the last 20 years and all of my teachers are renowned educators (Amy Rachelle NY, Health academy AU, Herman Aus, Germany, and Rauno Moilanen, Finland's leading pH expert) and all of my diet/detox programs are safe and effective.

My calm, supportive and relaxed approach to life and health will guide you through the challenges that a new lifestyle and diet change might bring to you.

Wide range of knowledge, methods, & stories from around the world.

With the experience that I gain during 13 years of travelling around the world learning from local people the magic of pure life and use of natural herbs and roots in human diet and medication took me to a state where I can guide from worldwide knowledge. I have created a skill to teach and heal that can support anyone who is willing to let go of old and start a new healthier chapter in their life.

Together we'll work towards your goals. I invite only sincere and truly committed clients.


You are stronger than you know, more capable than you ever dreamed of, and you are loved more than you could possibly imagine!

The Pure You Philosophy: Natural Touch

I'm Maija Kujala, originally from Finland. I'm a wellness coach, yoga instructor, raw food chef, world-traveller, and an absolute lover of the ocean, sailing, juicing, and a simple lifestyle.

I've lived in the jungles of Fiji, Kenya, and the Philippines, surrounded by tropical nature, studying people who are living out of land, enjoying fresh, clean air, and eating from the source.

I have sailed across the oceans with sea breeze on my skin from dawn to dusk and had the chance to BREATHE and live, let go of stress and demands, surrendering to freedom, Love and the beauty of simple life itself.

This has made me a peace loving person who enjoys fresh sea air, natural food and a stress free lifestyle more than anything in my life.

I feel that the last few years have been taking humanity further and further from the nature, leaving many of us sick and unhealthy, stressed and exhausted.

It's time to start connecting back to the nature and to listen to that little voice inside of us - the self that from time to time questions if this reality that we are building with fast growing and fast moving civilization really that good for us.

In my teachings we listen to our natural cycles. Wisdom within and I will teach you a practise that will lead you back to that Pure Beautiful, Real You that you were when you were born on this planet. Pure and Happy. Untroubled and in peace.



Take a step towards your pure self and join Maija for a yoga lesson, workshop, personal program, or a retreat to connect back to the empowering true spirit within.

Let the Journey Begin!